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Ah! Summer!

No more pencils...
No more books...
No more teachers' dirty looks...

Just when I was pegging up my hammock and getting my personal slave (har. I wish.) to fan me and make me lemonade, a certain tree-hugging friend of mine announced that she'd discovered a summer job opening... and had already filed my name!

I wailed. Emma could not possibly be asking me to WORK... in the summer?

She then proceeded to hold a bamboo gun to my head, and chose this moment to announce to me that she was a member of the Green Mafia.

The job is at my all-time favorite hangout. The grocery store. You know, it was always my life ambition to do deoderant displays.

Fortunately, I do know ONE lovely employee. I discovered her shelving popsicles on my first day (my other life ambition).

Well. It's time for this kid to sign off, because I just spilled a milkshake all over the keyboard, and Tobester is advising me to turn the computer off. "Just push the big button..." he says...

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